About a week ago I purchased a Char-Griller smoker from Home Depot. I used it that day to smoke some ribs that came out beautifully, however, I burned through a ton of charcoal trying to keep the temperature up (it was 35 degrees out), and started searching for ways to improve the stock design.

I’ve made a quick video you can check out below. These ‘mods’ are a cheap way to make your Cheap Offset Smoker (COS) perform a little better! They don’t all look great, but should be appreciated on cook day.

Below, i’ll go into a little detail on each addition.

The Firebox

The firebox is ‘ok’ stock, however, I wanted to change it up a little so I could empty out the ash during the cook.

I ended up removing the grates since i’m not going to be cooking on there, then added expanded metal on there.. it rests on the tabs on the right side, and I drilled holes and inserted a metal dowel to hold up the left side.

The Snorkel

The way this smoker comes from HD, all of the heat will quickly head to the top of the lid and escape out of the chimney.  By adding some 3″ duct hose, you can move the exit from the top of the lid down to grate level.  Make a note that this is NOT dryer hose, this is 3″ aluminum flexible ducting.

Under the main grates

What I did under the main grates was raise up the charcoal tray to it’s highest level, then place the firebox grates on top, and placed sheet metal on top of them.  What this does is force the heat from the firebox into the center of the body helping to even out the heat.  I’ll place a water tray on top of the left one.