During the winter you always wonder what the temperature is out there for the chickens in their coop.  It gets pretty cold in the northeast!  We do have a small heater we use, but it still keeps you wondering on those cold nights.

Luckily, where I work, they have some Internet of Things (IoT) tools to do the job.  Below is a video going into a little detail about the new sensor I’ve installed.  Read below the video for more details.

The sensor

The sensor itself runs on LoraWan which is a low power, long range device.  It has an internal battery, but it could last years depending on the settings.  I currently have my sensor reporting every 15 minutes.

The Data

Because I have this sensor inside the coop, I can check humidity and temperature from anywhere simply by visiting the mQCentral website.  See the screenshots below for the past 7 days.









Here you can see the humidity and temp for the last 7 days.   I don’t have any set up, but you can also set up notifications to alert you if the humidity or temperature go out of range.

For more information, please visit MachineQ.com.