My wife obviously was getting the hint I was dropping around Father’s Day this year and purchased a Blackstone griddle for me! It’s the 22″ version which can be used as a table-top style (with small propane canister) or can be used on the included stand and a normal size propane canister (with included hose).

What better way to break it in on Mr. HomeOwner than with cheesesteaks!

Now, I have already used this griddle a number of times but this is the first video.  So far, I’ve cooked cheese steaks, burgers, hot dogs and sausage.  Everything i’ve cooked on this griddle has been amazing!

On with the video!   Below the video i’ll go into a little detail as to how much meat I used, the temperature I had it set to, etc..

Some helpful info:

  • I used 2 pounds of meat to create 4 total cheese steaks (1/2lb per long roll)
  • I had the temperature set to max heat
  • The model griddle is a Blackstone 22″ camping/tabletop
  • I used chip steak from Giant food stores, but you’ll have a much tastier sandwich using rib-eye.
  • The spatulas i’m using are the Blackstone brand and are perfect!
  • We have another post on cheesesteaks here: Philly Cheesesteak

Hope you enjoyed!