In this video I go through some of my favorite things I use on the Blackstone and other griddles. These are in no particular order.


The List!
1. Bacon press – smashburger smusher
Bacon Press:

2. Domes
Blackstone brand Basting cover:
Generic (larger/cheaper):

3. Spatulas, scraper and Tongs
Spatula kit:
Weber Tongs:

4. Dishwasher-safe food trays
Cafeteria trays:

5. Cutting boards
Blackstone Cutting board:
Cheaper set of 3:

6. Knives
Fillet/boning knife:
Carving knife:

7. Specialty: taco tray, warming rack, butter wheel
Warming Rack:
Taco Kit:
Butter Wheel:
Drip Trays:
Egg rings:
White rags:

8. Spices
Uncle Steve’s Shake:

9. Nitrile gloves
Black nitrial gloves:

10. Small bowls for spices, etc..
6.25 oz:

11. Extra squirt bottles
8 Pack:

12. Temp gun/probe
Digital heat gun:
Inkbird probe:

13. Extra propane tank
King Flame 20lb:

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