Tonight I made some strips steaks with onions/mushrooms and shrimp.

– Strip steak (you can use whatever you want)
– 1lb raw shrimp
– 1 yellow onion
– Handfull of mushrooms
– Steak seasoning (char-griller)
– Creole seasoning (char-griller)
– 1 stick of butter
– Salt
– Pepper
– Garlic powder

If frozen, thaw your shrimp in the sink under running cold water. While that’s going, cut up your onion and mushrooms. Prepare your steak by patting dry, adding the steak seasoning, and finally coating with some olive oil. Next, heat up your griddle to high heat for the onions/mushrooms and medium for the shrimp.

Toss on the onions and mushrooms on the high heat side and the shrimp on the medium heat side. Add some butter, salt, pepper, garlic to the onions/mushrooms and the creole seasoning on the shrimp. Move them around a bit so you don’t end up burning them. Remove when done.

Clear your griddle and throw the steaks on the high heat. You should hear a nice sizzle. Flip every couple minutes until done to your liking.

Plate it up and enjoy!

Thanks for watching!