This is an easy, quick cook. High, direct heat (~450F) for about 8 minutes total; 4 per side.

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The ribeye cap steak, also known in the meat world as spinalis, is a real gem in the world of steaks. This cut is the prized part of the ribeye – it’s the strip of meat sitting snugly around the top edge of the ribeye steak. This isn’t just any cut; it’s what steak lovers rave about. It comes from the top part of the rib section, nestled right under the backbone and above the main body of the ribeye. Its location means it doesn’t get overworked, making it incredibly tender.

What really makes the ribeye cap a standout is its combination of flavor and texture. It’s well-marbled, meaning it has plenty of fat running through it. But here’s the kicker – when you cook it, that fat melts down, basting the steak from the inside, resulting in a taste and juiciness that’s hard to beat. Most folks prefer to cook it using high heat, like on a grill or in a skillet, to get that perfect s
ear on the outside while keeping the inside tender and mouth-watering. It’s the kind of steak that’s perfect for a special BBQ or when you want to enjoy one of the finest cuts available.