In this YouTube video, Rob prepares a smoked pork loin using an Akorn grill and introduces two products: the Inkbird instant-read thermometer with IR capability and a Nakano knife with a wooden handle. He shares tips on controlling the grill temperature and demonstrates the use of the thermometer to monitor the pork loin’s doneness. Rob also showcases some food items he cooks alongside the pork loin.


  • 🍖 Rob uses an Akorn grill to smoke a pork loin at temperatures between 225-250°F.
  • 🌡️ He reviews the Inkbird instant-read thermometer, which has an IR feature for griddles and various presets for different meats.
  • 🪚 Rob introduces the Nakano knife with a wooden handle and demonstrates its use for slicing the cooked pork loin.
  • 🔥 He explains the process of controlling grill temperature and adjusting vents.
  • 📊 The video features additional cooking items, including bacon, chicken wings, and a quesadilla.
  • 💡 Rob discusses the features of the Inkbird thermometer, including calibration, timer, and alarm functions.
  • 📝 He promotes an available cookbook for barbecue recipes and provides links for the reviewed products.

Find the Inkbird here:
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