Tonight I made some pancake cheeseburgers with bacon and egg! I used the pancakes as the buns, then poured some maple syrup on top – it tasted awesome!

– 2lbs ground beef
– Instant pancake mix
– Bacon
– 2-4 fresh eggs
– Your choice of cheese
– salt/pepper to taste
– optional: maple syrup

– Start with the bacon because it will take the longest – crisp it up to your liking. Place off to side when done
– Roll up the ground beef in little balls and proceed to make smashburgers
– Once those are ready, place your cheese on top, then move to the side or take off the heat
– Give your batter another mix and make 4″ circles – enough for the burgers that you made
– Flip once they bubble up nicely
– While the pancakes are cooking, crack some eggs directly on the griddle
– Remove the pancakes and eggs from heat
– Build that monster sandwich!
– Top with maple syrup for an extra breakfast taste!