The video discusses the introduction of a new custom 80-gallon reverse flow offset smoker, featuring details about its size, manufacturer, and features. The speaker emphasizes its substantial build and the challenges faced when moving it due to its weight.


  • 🔥 New 80-gallon custom reverse flow offset smoker
  • 🏭 Custom-made by Green Money Fabrication in New Jersey
  • 📏 Approximately 60 inches wide and 20 inches deep
  • 🌡️ Equipped with two temperature thermometers
  • 🍔 Offers 720 square inches on the top rack and 860 square inches on the bottom rack
  • 💪 Sturdy construction with thick, quarter-inch materials
  • 🚚 Difficulty moving due to its heavy weight
  • 📽️ Upcoming plans to create cooking videos with the smoker