In this YouTube video, the host, Rob, cooks chuck roast on his new 80-gallon reverse flow offset smoker. He initially planned to cook brisket and pork shoulder but ended up using two chuck roasts instead. He demonstrates the process of lighting the fire, preparing the meat with seasoning, and smoking it for several hours. Rob shares insights about maintaining the smoker’s temperature and the benefits of its insulation. After about five hours of smoking, he wraps and rests the meat, showcasing its tenderness and juicy results.

Highlights 🍖🔥

  • Rob cooks chuck roast on an 80-gallon reverse flow offset smoker.
  • He uses chuck roast instead of brisket and pork shoulder due to availability.
  • Rob demonstrates lighting the fire, seasoning the meat, and maintaining the smoker’s temperature.
  • The smoker’s insulation allows for consistent heat and results in a deep smoky flavor.
  • After five hours, the chuck roast is tender, juicy, and has a beautiful smoke ring.