Tonight we made some BBQ Hawaiian Smash Burgers on the #Blackstone griddle! These are simple to make and they taste amazing!

– 2-3 lbs 80/20 ground beef
– Pack of King’s Hawaiian hamburger rolls
– Sliced cheddar cheese
– Pineapple slices
– Bacon
– BBQ sauce
– Lettuce (and optionally onions, tomatoes, etc..)

– Cook up your bacon first to get a nice bacon grease base going on your griddle – low to medium heat
– Place 5oz balls of the ground beef on your griddle – medium heat
– Smash them down, holding for about 10 seconds
– Flip after a few minutes
– Throw some pineapple slices down on the other side of griddle – medium heat
– Place cheddar slices on burgers, cover with dome if you have one
– Optionally toast your rolls in the leftover grease on the griddle
– Once cheese is melted start building your burger
– Bottom bun, lettuce, burger/cheese, pineapple, bacon, bbq sauce, then top of bun
– Enjoy!!