Meatstick recently sent me a 4X model to review and create a video. I used it for a few cooks to get a feel for it, then created this video today!

It’s $125 and more info can be found here:

Having an accurate meat thermometer for grilling is super important because it makes sure your food comes out just right and keeps everyone safe. You know, when you cook meat at the perfect temperature, it kills off any nasty bacteria that can make people sick. So, you’ll not only be serving up delicious meals, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing everyone’s enjoying their food safely.

But it’s not just about the internal temperature of the food – monitoring the ambient temperature of your grill is key, too. This helps you manage your cook times better and avoid the guessing game of when your meat is done. Plus, it means you won’t have to keep slicing into your food to check if it’s cooked, which can make a mess and let all those tasty juices escape. With an accurate meat thermometer, you can be the grill master who dishes up mouth-watering meals every time, exploring new recipes and techniques without a hitch. And hey, less food waste is always a bonus!