It’s summertime. In the summer I try to use the smoker as much as I can. This post will quickly show you how to season and smoke a pork shoulder.

You want to season it the day or night before you intend to smoke it. You can do it just before putting it on the smoker of course, but I like to let the dry rub sit overnight and let it really get into the meat.

Watch the video below to learn how to season…

The seasoning i’m using in the video is here on Amazon: One & Done Seasoning

Next, we’ll check on the smoker a couple hours in…

That looks like it’s going well.  Still some wood in there to get that smokey taste going.

This next video is 7 hours in.  Started at 08:30.  It’s now 15:30 in the video.

Ok, next video shows 12 hours in.  This is at 225 for most of it.. then 295-300 for some of it to get past the stalls…

At 9:30 (290 degrees) I pulled it and put in the cold oven inside to set.  Then, after about a half hour cut into it:

Then, As you can see below, this is the finished product after shredding with two forks: