Rob provides a thorough review of the Char-Griller Akorn Auto-Kamado grill after using it for four months. He discusses both the pros and cons of this grill, highlighting key features such as its affordable price point, set-and-forget digital control, efficient charcoal usage, versatility as both a grill and smoker, rain-resistant top vent design, and the option to use it with an app for monitoring. However, he points out some cons, including the need for electrical power, the relatively small cooking area, and the limitations of the included heat deflector. Rob overall recommends the grill for its value, but also notes some areas for improvement.


  • [👍] Affordable price point at $450, potentially lower on sale.
  • [🔥] Set-and-forget digital control for easy temperature management.
  • [💰] Efficient charcoal usage thanks to the Kamado design, which can save money in the long run.
  • [🍔🔥] Versatility as both a grill and smoker with a heat deflector.
  • [☔] Rain-resistant top vent design prevents water from entering.
  • [🔌] Requires electrical power, which can be a limitation.
  • [🍖] Relatively small cooking area compared to some other grills.
  • [🔥🍖] Heat deflector design may limit the use of drip pans.
  • [🔧] Top vent can become difficult to turn due to carbon buildup.

Akorn ‘Smokin Stone’ (heat deflector) from amazon: