Hey folks! I’ve just put together a new video where I’m cooking up some St. Louis ribs on my offset smoker. Let me walk you through it.

First off, I got the ribs ready by trimming off any extra fat. I used a bit of mustard as a binder – trust me, it works great. Then, I seasoned them with Uncle Steve’s Sweet and Spicier rub. It’s got just the right kick.

I set my smoker to about 275-280°F. That’s the sweet spot for these ribs. They cooked for around 3 hours, and I managed to get a really nice smoke ring on them. They came out super tender, flavorful, and with that perfect texture where it sticks to the bone just right.

Here’s the quick rundown:
💡 I’m showing you how to cook St. Louis ribs on an offset smoker.
🌡️ Kept the smoker at 275-280°F.
🍖 Trimmed and seasoned the ribs with Uncle Steve’s Sweet and Spicier rub.
⏰ Cooked them for about 3 hours.
👌 Ribs turned out tender, flavorful, with the perfect texture.
🔥 Used my offset smoker for that awesome smoke ring.
🍽️ I had a great time eating these ribs and I bet you will too.