Hey everyone! In this video, I’m showing you how I cooked up some beef short ribs on my Weber kettle grill. I got these ribs from Wild Fork, and they came frozen. I just thawed them out in my fridge over the week. They didn’t need much trimming, and for seasoning, I kept it simple – a bit of ground pepper, kosher salt, and a dash of garlic.

I set my Weber kettle to about 250-275 degrees, using the slow and sear method. I let the ribs cook for around three hours, then I wrapped them in foil for another hour and a half. After that, I unwrapped them and let them cook for two more hours. All up, we’re talking six hours of cooking time. But let me tell you, it was worth it – the ribs were super tender, with an amazing bark.

So, here’s the breakdown:
🥩 I’m grilling beef short ribs on my Weber kettle.
🛒 Got the ribs from Wild Fork.
🧂 Seasoned with ground pepper, kosher salt, and a little garlic.
🔥 Aimed for 250-275 degrees on the grill.
⏰ Cooked the ribs for about three hours, wrapped them for one and a half, and then another two hours unwrapped.
🍽️ Ended up with these tender, delicious ribs with a great bark.