If you own a pool with a polaris pool cleaner, you’ll one day be faced with repairing either a failed hose connection or a hose break.  The pool hose itself connects to fittings using a system that employs a plastic nut to secure the hose over the barb on the fitting.

Here’s an example of what you may come upon…

As you can see, we experienced a failed connection here.  We moved in this house in January, so in my head i’m blaming the previous owner for not securing the hose properly.  🙂

Easy enough to fix.  It’s easiest to let the hose sit out in the sun for an  hour or so to let the sun soften it up a bit.  It will allow it to slide over the barb on the fitting once it’s softer.

Once you’re ready to attach them together, slide the nut on to the fitting, over the barb, then proceed to push the hose over the barb as far as you can.  Then, turn the nut a good amount to secure the hose on/over the barb.

As you can see, it’s quick work.. and much easier than one would think.

Thanks for watching!