Rob assembles the Char-Griller AKORN Auto-Kamado grill. He starts by unpacking the components, highlighting the fan design with a protective barrier to prevent charcoal entry. Rob assembles the grill’s legs, wheels, and various parts while providing helpful tips and guidance. He emphasizes using washers correctly and securely attaching components like the shelf, sensor, and top damper. The video ends with Rob plugging in the power, fan, and sensor, getting the grill ready for use.

Highlights 🛠️

  • [🔍] Unpacking and inspecting components.
  • [🪜] Fan with a protective barrier design.
  • [🔩] Assembling legs, wheels, and parts.
  • [🧐] Proper use of washers and securing components.
  • [🔌] Plugging in power, fan, and sensor for grill readiness.