Today I made some awesome mac & cheese stuffed meatballs, then covered them in BBQ sauce. My family gobbled em right up!

This is a part of #TheGreatMeatballCookoff2021 collaboration with the Kitchen Queers – go check out their channel:

– 2-3 lbs 80/20 ground beef
– 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
– 2/3 cup panco bread crumbs
– Ground black pepper
– BBQ Sauce
– Velveta Mac & Cheese

– Cook up the Mac & Cheese
– Mix up ground beef, cheese, bread crumbs and pepper in a bowl
– Make little meat plates – maybe 3-4″ in diameter
– Place 4-5 noodles in each ‘plate’
– Wrap the meat around the noodles so they’re in the middle of a ball
– Heat up grill (indirect) to 350-375F
– Cook for 15 minutes – move around so everyone gets a turn
– Cook another 10-15 minutes, paint on some BBQ sauce
– Cook another 5 or so minutes to get tacky
– Enjoy!

#TeamCharGriller #Akorn