We made some breakfast crunchwraps the other day and they were amazing! This video is part of a collab from Meat Militia called #BetterThanFastFood – Check his link below:

Meat Militia: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAmg87976gV5cBaqvq9N1zg/

#TeamCharGriller #CharGrillerFlatIron

– 12 Eggs
– 1 Package shredded chedar cheese
– 1 Package bacon
– 1 Package Tator Tot minis
– 6 Grande tortillas
– 6 Small tortillas (5″)
– Salt/Pepper/Garlic to taste

– Brown Tator Tots on one side of griddle as you cook your bacon on the other side
– Remove from heat when finished
– Cook some eggs how you like – scrambled, fried, etc.. remove from heat
– Warm two tortillas of each size at a time to help with folding
– Place grande tortilla on mat, top with eggs, tots, bacon, cheese
– Top with the 5″ tortilla and fold in the sides
– Place each crunchwrap back on griddle – folded side down to seal and melt cheese
– Flip over once browned and brown other side
– Remove from heat and Enjoy!!