Tonight we made some breakfast for dinner! Breakfast burritos with bacon, eggs, cheese, sausage and diced potatoes.

Ingredients – makes 5 burritos
– Dozen Eggs
– Pack of thick-cut bacon
– Package of diced frozen hash browns
– Pack of 8ish breakfast sausage circles
– Pack of shredded cheese
– Burrito tortillas (large)

– Start with the hash browns on high – med/high heat with some oil. Keep an eye on them
– Throw on the sausage and bacon – cut up the sausage for the burritos
– Once everything is cooked, move off to the side – warm/off
– Warm up a burrito to make easier to fold
– Ladle some eggs on to the griddle – add cheese and other toppings
– remove burrito wrap
– Fold egg into an omelette
– place on burrito wrap and fold
– Enjoy!