Tonight we made some Strombolis.  One was a steak Stromboli with sauce, steak and cheese (think Philly Cheesesteak!) and the other was an “Italian meats” Stromboli with Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, sauce and cheese.

– 12oz shaved steak
– 2 bags thick shredded mozzerella
– 3 italian sausage
– package of pepperoni
– .25lb virginia ham
– 2 packages of pizza dough
– 2 jars pizza sauce

Cooking directions:
– Cook up the steak and italian sausage
– flatten out first pizza dough, add steak, cheese, pizza sauce
– roll/fold to create stromboli
– flatten out 2nd pizza dough, add italian meats and cheese
– put both strombolis on parchment paper
– cook at 350-400 degrees F for 25-30 minutes
– cut up and eat!