Last night we made some pulled pork and naturally, had some leftovers! This was a super easy meal on the griddle.

Everyone (right?) loves grilled cheese, and there are so many things you can put in there to make them even better. I’ve made ham grilled cheese probably most often, but you can also add some tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc..

These are up there with one of my favorite comfort foods. Some people would call these particular ones Pulled Pork melts.

– Leftover pulled pork
– 4 slices bread
– 1 packet of shredded cheese

– Heat up the pulled pork on the griddle
– Place 4 slices of bread down on there – med-high heat
– Pile the cheese up on each slice of bread (cover if desired)
– Add the heated-up pulled pork on two slices
– Build your sandwich
– Continue flipping until desired meltiness!