Today I made some puff pastry hot dogs with cheddar cheese and bacon. They tasted really good and were a big hit – plus, they looked really cool!

This video is part of the collaboration #BringOnSummer2021 – make sure to check out the other videos in the collab!

The video where I got the idea to weave the puff pastry:

– 1 sheet puff pastry
– 6 hot dogs
– 1 package bacon
– 1 package shredded cheese – we used cheddar
– 1 egg

– Cook and cut up bacon into smaller pieces
– Thaw out puff pastry sheet
– Use a rolling pin to stretch/thin it out
– Cut 6 equal rectangles
– ‘Butterfly’ hot dogs and place on each pastry sheet
– Cut tabs down each side of pastry sheet
– Top hot dogs with bacon and cheese
– Wrap up hot dogs by layering each sliced section of sheet
– Paint some eggwash on each one
– Bring grill up to 350F and place wrapped hot dogs on indirect heat
– Cook until puffed up and slightly brown
– Enjoy!