Today (all day) I did an 8lb boston butt on the char-griller gravity 980. Temps stuck around target as I added cherry, then apple wood to the ash pan. Total cook time was about 9 hours – mostly at 250F.

– Boston Butt (Top part of pork shoulder, not the picnic)
– Mustard (or other binder)
– Your favorite rub
– Your favorite bbq sauce

– Apply your binder (mustard in this case) all over the meat
– Cover your meat with your favorite rub
– Light up your grill/smoker to 250F
– Cook your Boston butt on indirect heat uncovered until you reach about 160F
– Wrap the meat – easiest here is to use a foil pan with tinfoil cover
– Cook wrapped until about 205F internal temperature
– Let rest at least 30 minutes
– Pull apart with your hands or you can also use forks, claws, etc..
– Optionally mix in your favorite bbq sauce
– Enjoy with a friend!