Today I took two frozen pizzas and created a delicious sandwich stuffed with pepperoni, hard salami, bacon, Italian sausage and more cheese!

I cooked it at 350F on my Char-Griller Akorn for about 30 minutes. Next time I’d let it go a little longer because the cheese inside wasn’t totally melted.

– 2x 11″ Frozen pizzas
– 5-6 pieces of bacon, cooked
– 2 Italian sausages, cooked
– 15-20 pieces of pepperoni
– 15-20 pieces of hard salami
– Package of mozerella cheese
– Anything you want!

– Place first pizza at the bottom of your 11″ pan facing up/regular.
– Spread out ingredients.. as much or as little as you’d like.
– Place second pizza on top, upside down
– Grill/bake at 350F for approx 30-35 minutes
– Enjoy!