Rob introduces “BBQ Roundup,” a series where he reviews barbecue videos he’s watched on YouTube. He plans to release these reviews every Friday and may consider doing live episodes in the future. In this episode, Rob discusses five different barbecue videos he recently watched. Moonshine’s Roadhouse made bacon-wrapped chicken bites, Gorilla Joe’s BBQ created a blooming barbecue bologna, Trumpet Master prepared carnitas, Behind the Garage BBQ smoked a pork loin, and Grilling Challenge Mojo crafted a unique Hawaiian chicken pizza using pizza as sandwich bread. Rob encourages viewers to send him video links and rates the videos.


  • 🎥 Rob introduces “BBQ Roundup” series
  • 🍔 Reviews five barbecue videos from YouTube
  • 🥓 Moonshine’s Roadhouse: Bacon-wrapped chicken bites
  • 🍖 Gorilla Joe’s BBQ: Blooming barbecue bologna with Uncle Steve sauce
  • 🌮 Trumpet Master: Carnitas
  • 🐖 Behind the Garage BBQ: Smoked pork loin with homemade sauce
  • 🍕 Grilling Challenge Mojo: Hawaiian chicken pizza with a pizza sandwich twist
  • 📧 Encourages viewers to email video links
  • 📊 Asks viewers to rate the videos and choose which one to try first

Please check out all of the mentioned videos below!

1. Moonshine’s Roadhouse: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

2. Gorilla Joe’s BBQ: Bloomin BBQ Bologna

3. Trumpetmaster77: Carnitas on the RTB 380 recteq Bullseye

4. Behind the Garage BBQ: Juicy Smoked Pork Loin with Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

5. Grillin and Chillin with Mojo: Hawaiian Chicken Pizza